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IR media is a film production company, the services provided range from short films to documentaries, Interviews to advertisements! And a whole lot more! I first discovered IR media in 2011…on YouTube of course, I think it was an interview with Humza Arshad aka DOABM that I first watched and then I continued watching all the other interviews/videos that came along on the channel, little did I know that I was actually already following the owner/founder of IR Media on twitter…I obviously did figure it out after a little while. Which is how I got to ask him these questions!
*thank goodness for social network…oh and emailing*  

So anyway… I won’t go on with myself anymore.
Here is the interview with the founder of IR media. Islah Abdur Rahman!


My first question, is on studies! What did you study at school,college and university?

In school I studied Business, ICT and History, then once I got to sixth form I discovered and studied Media Studies BTEC, I then did my A levels in Media, English Language and ICT and finally in university I studied Media & Cultural Studies with Television and New Media Broadcasting.

When was IR media founded?
It was officially founded around March in 2011!
Was there a different career path you wanted to pursue when you were a Younger? Or has it always been Media related?

My imagination was out of the box even from a young age, I even wanted to be Superman at one point because I didn’t want to let limits stop me from being able to fly!
My career ideas always changed as I grew up because of life experiences but I finally decided after I discovered Media that it was what I wanted to pursue.

What inspired you to become a director and an actor? Perhaps there was someone in particular that encouraged or inspired you?
This is a really good question. In a weird way me being a director gradually just started happening until I realised that I became one! When I decided to take it seriously, that’s when I looked to other directors, films and TV shows for inspiration. It was through my successes also that my peers encouraged me to continue. 
But I always say don’t pay too much attention to others with the same craft because then you lose sight of yourself and what makes you unique.
However, Acting was something I thought I’d try out a few years later. I did drama in school and I could always act but never did anything serious. It’s a good way of understanding both sides of the camera.
Actors that inspire me are Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Robert Downy Junior, Leonardo Dicaprio, Heath Ledger, and so many more! I love actors who can play a role well and be diverse.
You’ve done a lot of projects over the past two years…which project(s) would you say was the most successful out of everything you've done so far?
A viral comedy series called “Mandem On The Wall” which I created and directed. It elevated on to E4 and the cast were featured in a show called “Youngers”.
*available on YouTube click to watch > MandemOnTheWall*
In terms of my acting career, it would be co-starring in a movie called ‘Jayden’ by Bend It Like Beckham’s Ameet Chana. Kulvinder Ghir from ‘Goodness Gracious Me’ played my characters’ father, Antony Costa from ‘Blue’ was also in the movie along with so many other talented actors and actresses.
What's the best thing about doing what you do?
The end result!
The feeling of seeing what you worked so hard to create be appreciated by supporters and inspire them.

What do you have planned for yourself and IR Medias future?

Much more filmwork for IR Media... I’m in talks of certain projects as I speak but I’m not allowed to reveal anything just yet. In terms of myself I’d like to carry on bettering my craft, inspiring others and making a positive change in the world we live in.

What advice would you give to aspiring directors/actors?
This question would make me passionate and it would end up being an essay, but I think the main thing is to believe in yourself, dream big, aim high, stay motivated and inspired, work extremely hard and NEVER give up.

Great advice! My next question is…have your family members always encouraged/supported you?
My family has always been supportive and loves seeing me do well, they understand how much work I put into it and what comes out of it. My Mother is probably my biggest fan, my cousins and elders always like to brag about me, in a proud way of course!

You’ve worked with a lot of well-known individuals, out of all them…who would you say you enjoyed working with the most?

I loved working with Ameet Chana, he was very professional and inspirational to me. Up to today he still keeps me under his wing and I learn a lot from him.
Final question, how would you promote IR media to those reading this post?
“There’s more to IR Media that meets the HDMI so check out the website, don’t be shy!” I literally just made that up right now. I’m Going to regret it later.

Previous clients include: Jay Sean (Artist),BBC Asian Network,Universal,Channel 4,Twist and Pulse (Britain’s Got Talent),“Jayden” (feature film), Ameet Chana (Bend It Like Beckham, Eastenders, Jab Tak Hai Jaan), Maxi Priest (Artist), Vanity Magazine, Gina B Beauty Accademy (Celebrity MUA), Raxstar (Artist),asian Music Awards…And many more!
Twitter: _IRmedia | Islah_AR 
Contact: info@IRmedia.net

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